Sunday, January 10, 2010

back to the grind

I am about to head out to leave to Longview. I will be there about a month. My rotation is in Tyler so I will be driving there everyday. It is actually less distance and time than any of my Houston rotations! Lance is keeping Maggie this first week and then visiting me in Longview for the weekend. The next week he is heading to New Jersey for some meetings. I think this rotation will go by faster than my other one and I really think I will enjoy it. I spoke to the PA on the phone the other day and it just seems like this will be a great rotation.
Sorry I haven't even updated about Christmas or anything. I was having too much fun enjoing myself on vacation. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family in Longview. The weekend before Christmas we were in El Paso spending time with Lance's grandma. We did not do anything for New Years and if you know me you know that I did not make it until midnight!
Oh, and I am loving my Wii fit. I get on it everyday and I enjoy the Biggest Loser game. IT really helps out because it is SO cold outside right now!
adios for now!