Wednesday, May 20, 2009

San Antonio pictures

Pictures of our amazing trip to San Antonio! First stop= Buc-ee's. This gas station and more has the cleanest bathrooms you have ever seen! They even have alcohol gel as you exit the stall, before you get to the sink to wash your hands!

We made it to the beautiful hill country of Texas!

Lance looks REALLY relaxed!

Being goofy

After our amazing dinner at sunset. I wish I got pictures at the dinner.

Chilling on our 'balcony' drinking champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries.

Enjoying our vacation!

This is on our hike Saturday morning.

Smile Lance.

We had to put the camera in a tree and put on the timer. Lance couldn't run fast enough!!!

He made it this time. I wish someone was there to take our picture because it was beautiful!

We then went to the riverwalk and walked past the Alamo.

Sunset Saturday night.

In love.

Best breakfast in the world! We didn't want to go home!

We can't wait to plan another weekend trip. I wouldn't mind going back to San Antonio!
In other news, I had my skills exam today. I now can put a catheter in you keeping sterility, need an NG tube? I'll put it in. How about a TB test, tetanus shot, or an insulin injection? I got ya covered. We also had to clean wounds. Can you believe on the very fist day of PA school we were sticking each other in the arm trying to draw blood???? That was a very memorable experience!
Wedding in Dallas this weekend, then staying the night in Longview.
Until then,