Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad Blogger

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I have been in Tyler doing a rotation in internal medicine. I loved it! Igot to do quite a bit of procedures and felt I did really well on the rotation. I don't feel SO clueles all the time! haha!

Last night Lance and I had a date night and went to Chabucas. It is a brazilian place. It was so good. They had a man playing the piano and amazing food and drinks. It was a much needed time spent together. Today we just plan to get groceries, start doing taxes, and run some errands. Our only plans for the super bowl are just to hang out at home.

I have a product rave to do. I wanted to whiten my teeth, but I feel that the crest white strips and andy other strips are a pain. You have to keep them on for 30 minutes, and then I always have to brush my teeth afterwards. I found this product at Sephora. You just put it on your teeth twice a day. You don't have to brush your teeth afterwards and it freshens you breath too! The packaging says to wait to appy 1 hour after brushin your teeth and don't apply 30 minutes before or after eating. So I just kept this little pen in my purse and whitened my teeth whenever I remembered, or whenever I wanted fresher breath. So here it is:

BriteSmile To Go Accelerator pen