Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Park, Colorado

So, I have obviously finished my pediatrics rotation! yay! I am officially on Christmas break. The day of my final I flew to Colorado to meet Lance for the weekend. He was having some meetings in Denver. We went to Winter Park Colorado and really enjoyed skiing and the snow! The first day we took a skiing class and we quickly got promoted, so we got to go further up the mountain with the instructer. The next day we skiied on our own and had a ton of fun! Here, just look at the pictures!!!

Lance waiting for the bus

And I played in the snow

My favorite picture! Looks so wintery!

In Winter Park Village. All the lights were so pretty!

Me on the ski lift

Us on the ski lift!

Speed racer!

Look how high up we were

About to go down a steep hill!

Sunday it snowed

Me in the snow

This is us eating the first night we arrived in Winter Park.
We had a blast! It was a much needed vacation together after we had been living apart due to my rotations for 6 weeks! It was only from Thursday to Sunday, but we made the most of it and had a blast skiing together. I will always laugh when I think of Lance going to fast that he skiied into the woods and fell in the soft snow. I enjoy making memories with Lance and maybe someday we will make memories in Winter Park with our kids.