Monday, June 8, 2009

summer fun

This past weekend we went to Tomball to swim and attend a graduation party for some friends of Lances. Sunday we went to church and the headed to Galveston to look at the sandcastles. They were neat. I think I could get used to the summer schedule for PA school. Before I know it I will be freaking out on rotations.

This weekend we are flying to El Paso to visit Lance's grandma.
I have an exam Friday before we leave. Hopefully that goes well.
I am trying to finish this research before we leave because the presentation and paper are due when we get back. I am having trouble filling out the IRB form in order for UTMB to approve us for research. It is alot of explaining yourself!

This morning I won a $50 off $100 purchase at Old Navy. I then refreshed the page so I could look for the coupon I really wanted, the $75 off $100 purchase. Little did I know that refreshing the page caused me to lose the coupon. By the time I could go back for the coupon I just lost, they were all gone!! Old Navy has this game you play every week to try and win these coupons. People stayed up all night waiting for the game to come up, and I just happened to be on the page at the time it opened this morning. I can't believe I had the coveted coupon and lost it that easily. Oh well, I guess half of the fun is in the hunt!