Friday, July 3, 2009

Absolute Exhaustion

I just finished my first week of my first clinical rotation. I have already learned to much. I am with a cardiologist. I show up at 7am at Clear Lake hospital and see patients, then around 11am we go to his office and see patients until around 6pm. We then go into Mainland hospital and see patients until 8-9pm. On the very first day I did not eat breakfast because I was nervous. It was so busy I only had half of a sandwich for lunch and by the time I got home around 9:30 I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. So all ate the whole day was half a sandwich. I have been eating breakfast before I leave since then.

The very first patient the cardiologists gives me the chart and says, "here you go." I thought he would at least show me how he likes things done. I see the patient, do a history and physical, look up everything about the patient in the computer and come up with the assesment and plan for the patient. The doctor just signs off on my work.

I have got to help in cardioversion, heard every single murmur, bruits, done EKGS, interpreted stacks of EKGs, seen stents and pacemakers placed.
I am also learning about more drugs than we learned about in pharmacology and when to prescribe them.

Overall, I am enjoying my first rotation, but I am SO exhausted from the hours.
Lance took a picture on my first day. My pockets were stuffed with little books to help me out. I will have to post it when I have access to his camera.