Saturday, July 11, 2009


Another week of cardiology is done. I am learning a lot, but at times I still feel clueless. I still see patients by myself and report to the physician. I read stacks of EKGs, and at least he is impressed with my EKG reading skills. I have to work on my presentation that I will give in less than 2 weeks. I chose to do my presentation on Atrial Fibrillation because I have seen a couple of patients with it. We were on-call this weekend, but when I called in he said that I didn't need to be there, so I get the weekend off. I am still working from 7 am until 8 or 9pm. I decided I should wear a pedometer and see how far I walk in one day. I probably walk twice as far as needed because I get lost! haha. It would be easier if we only went to one hospital, but we go to two different ones with the cath lab on different floors in each and I get them mixed up.
I only see Lance one hour in the morning when we are both getting ready for our day, and then an hour at night before bed. It has been kinda hard on us. We have to log in the patients we see that day, so I spend some time doing that. I have not been able to study, and that is hard on me. I feel like I could learn so much more if I could read more about the diseases and conditions I see. Next month I will be living in Bay City and I think I am working in a clinic so hopefully I will have plenty of time to study in the evenings.