Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello all!
I just finished my rotation in Bay City. I stayed at free housing in West Columbia, a tiny town. I am so happy to sleep in my own bed. I did not sleep well there at all. There wasn't a deadbolt on the door and the front door was so thin and cracked you could see through it. I wish I didn't look under the kitchen sink, because I found mouse droppings. The place was disgusting, but hey it was free and it is now over with!!! I also went three weeks without television. I didn't really miss it at all; I got lots of studying done.

My rotation was in internal medicine. I loved it. I liked seeing the patients again and establishing a relationship with them. I got an awesome evaluation from the doctor and he even told me to call him when I get out of school for a job!!!!! He said the patients loved me! I don't think I could convince Lance to move out to Bay City, though! Tomorrow I turn in my paper on transient ischemic attacks and listen to presentations by other students.

My next rotation is with the Galveston County Health Department. I will be happy to be at home. I plan to exercise and eat well and hopefully lose a couple pounds.

Lance flew back to New Jersey this week. He will be back Thursday night because we have to travel to Longview and attend a wedding in Louisiana on Saturday. I hope the next time he goes to New Jersey I will be able to go up there for the weekend and visit New York City. I think it would be so much fun!