Saturday, August 29, 2009


Exciting news- Lance is now full time downtown. He is excited for the projects it could bring, but he has been working longer hours. I know he will also miss his work buddies. I am proud of him and I know he is excited to do something new. He is also getting excited for A&M football. We will be at the first home game next week. I plan to see my sister for a little bit of the time. She doesn't like football and works at the bookstore during the football games. We were excited to get Maggie back after her being gone for 3 weeks!!! We missed her.

The past week I was at my rotation with the Galveston County Health District. I have gotten to see some interesting things and my preceptor lets me do almost anything. The PAs there also have to act as social workers because the patients don't have insurance. The patients also can't get refered to specialists so the PAs there have to handle everything. We saw a 19 year old guy that shot himself in the face. He no longer had a nose and he couldn't see. Also, there are some STD cases as well as telling people they have HIV. I have also done lots of pap smears and taking stiches out and such. Most of the cases are emotionally tough and there is lots of patient education and counseling. I have learned lots in my first week and am excited to go back. At the end of this rotation I have a big final. I have been studying the cases I have seen, but I am not really sure how to approach studying for this final.

Hopefully I will update next weekend! See ya