Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aggie football season is here!

Lance and I had a great time in College Station this past weekend. We always love going back to A&M and just walking around campus. Sadly, we brought the camera but didn't take any pictures. We decided to tailgate and had brisket, ribs, beans, corn casserole, and sweets. It was nice outside and we enjoyed chilling before the game. On the 19th we plan to tailgate again, but make something that doesn't take so long to cook. We will probably to hotdogs and hamburgers. We spent the night with my sister and went to church at A&M Church of Christ. We missed the church that we went to throughout college. We also did our premarital counseling there.

Thank goodness we both have labor day off and can do our grocery shopping for the week tomorrow and rest before our work week begins. I have a final in about a week and a half and I REALLY have to buckle down and study. I can't believe my first block of rotations is almost over. I am enjoying my current rotation and the freedom that it brings. I also like the interesting adn complicated cases that it brings. I also have done about 25 nasal swabs that came back positive for the flu, so I am bound to catch it. Good thing some places now have the flu shot out. I need to go get one.

After finally losing some of my "I am in PA school and all I do is sit on my butt and study" weight, I really pigged out this weekend!! oh well, I'll get back on my diet and back to working out. I still have quite a few pounds to lose. I am glad I was finally able to lose some weight at all. Lance has been working out too and doing the P90X. So, we will see in 3 months how that plays out!