Monday, May 10, 2010

wow May!

I am sorry for my lack of updates. We have been BUSY! We left our one bedroom apartment and moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse! We couldn't be more excited! We have only been home one weekend since moving in so there is still lots of stuff that need to be put away. Maggie loves her new backyard! She will stay outside for hours bathing in the sun. She also loves taking walks around our new neighborhood. I enjoy this too. There is a water retention pond with a fountain in the neigborhood that has a trail you can walk around. I bought Rebok Easy Tones with my birthday money and have been getting quite a bit of use out of them.

I finished up my general surgery rotation with the TDC. That was definately an experience. Between getting patted down every day, one of the prisoners trying to steal my pen, a screaming surgeon that throws things (yes, even a scalpal) I survived! I actually thrived. I was with 2 other med students and the surgeon called me the star student more than once. He kicked one med student out of the OR because he didn't get the answer to a question right, and when he asked me and I knew, he told me I needed to scrub in and the other student needed to spend time at the library. On the last day he told me I did a great job and if I ever needed a reference he would be glad to write me a letter. I was thinking in my head that I would NEVER get a letter from an irratic screaming surgeon; who know what he would write. Anyway, I am glad I don't have to see 4 in the morning in a while.

My current rotation is in College Station ER. It has been fun. I worked all weekend, so today is like my friday. Lance will be going to a resort for work and I get to tag along!! I don't care if I will be bored all day. I will be happy to be doing nothing but sitting by the pool!

In other news, it will be our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the 17th! I cannot believe how time flies! I am excited about the things to come in the next year of marriage because I will be graduating and getting a job. Maybe we will finally get to spend our weekends together!

Maybe I will get some pictures of the townhouse on here as soon as things get put away and I take pictures!