Monday, April 27, 2009


Two weekends ago we had a huge thunderstorm come through Houston. We watched the parking lot to our apartment flood. Then, the fire alarm started going off. I though OH GREAT! Where are we going to go? So, we drove in Lance's truck to the front office and learned that there wasn't a fire, they just couldn't get the alarm to go off. The street we live on was flooded and there were two girls sitting in the front office. Their car was drowning in front of them. Lance offered to help push their car out of the water. As Lance walks out there in the pouring rain, the water goes up all the way to his waist! He helps push the car and then realizes that the water was almost up to his doors on his Ford 150 4X4 truck! The creek beside our apartment flooded along with the water retention pond across the street flooding the road we live on and the interstate.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. Lance and I decided to go to Katy and watch a movie with friends. My car didn't have gas so we decided to just take Lance's truck. After the movie we go back to their house and saw on the news that Southeast Houston was flooding. I said we need to get home. As we arrive closer to our apartment the interstate was shut down and we could already see lots of cars stalled trying to go down the road we live on. It was about 11 at night. We parked in the Walmart parking lot and just waited. The rain let up and when it was about 12:15 I said lets go! And Lance said okay..... Thank goodness we were in Lance's truck because the water did get into his doors. We waited in a line of cars that were blocked because of all the stalled cars in the standing water. After waiting about 30 minutes Lance decides to jump the curb, drive down the median passing the stalled cars and turn into our apartment complex. We got to bed finally at 1:00 am. If we were in my car we would have had to spend the night in my car in the Walmart parking lot!

So today I am studying and I see that we are now in ANOTHER flood and tornado watch!!!! Lance is currently in Louisiana finishing up a project. He plans to leave soon. I hope he travels safely. He is in a small rental car so if our road is flooded, which it will be, he won't be able to get back. I guess I can get in the truck and pick him up at Walmart! Needless to say, Lance and I decided that we are NOT going to live in Friendswood when we move!