Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

H1N1 is called the "Swine flu" here. The media has totally blown up this issue. Just keep in mind that over 700 Americans die every week from the flu. No, not the "swine flu," but that average seasonal flu that we are used to having. The flu that we are used to having is resistant to Tamiflu. The "Swine flu," however is not resistant at all meaning that there is some sort of treatment that can be used for this virus. Yes, this is a new virus that we don't have immunity to yet, but we do have immunity to other influenza A viruses.

You cannot get the "swine flu" from eating pork. Remember that we get the flu from other people coughing and sneezing in close contact with us. This flu is no different.

Wash your hands and stay away from people who are sick. If you get a fever and body aches call your doctor. Most importantly, don't panic!

PS. The little boy that died of the swine flu here in Houston was from Mexico City. He was visiting family or friends in Brownsville, Texas where he started getting sick. He was admitted to Texas Children's hospital here in Houston when he was in serious condition. He had previous health problems that made his susceptible to any kind of illness. None of his family members are sick.
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Amanda said...

Hi Amy! Welcome to blogspot! :)

I totally concur with you and have been trying to spread the calm, rational news at school. Some of the teachers are just as worked up as the kids. :/ It is really the parents reactions though that make schools have to shut down. We have had parents wanting their kid in isolation! Craziness!

Anyway, I look forward to reading more. I love the layout you chose and your picture! Have a great week!